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Entries in Valentine's day (2)


Valentine's Sabrage

In between dropping off the boys at school and letting the hens out, I stole Mr. away.

For Valentine's day I surprised Mr. with a skill that I added to my repertoire, sabraging a Champagne bottle. It could have either been quite romantic or gone terribly awry.  Luckily, we had a lovely time of it.


Determination and confidence is all you need along with a large knife.


Find the glass seem along the bottle. With a bit of force, run your knife (dull side up) along the seam making sure to catch the top of the bottle neck. 



Cheers to love, old and new!


We drank, we ate, we crafted

I got my craft on last night. My lovely friend Sarah invited us over for a Valentine craft extravaganza!

All while watching The Bachelor.

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