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Pretend Shaving


Standing in line, Max got very squirmy. Impulse took over and I handed him my iphone. Max (aka the engineer) figured out how to get free apps into my phone. I don't know how to get them and have only 3. That's only because some kind stranger took pitty on my pathetic, empty looking phone and suggested I needed a flashlight, a lightsaber, and a game called Aurora Feint. I now, thanks to my 8 year old, have another very useful one called Panasonic Beard Buster - I can't provide the link because again, I don't know where to find it. Google would probably lend a hand. I say it's useful because a) it entertained the child and b) in case you were wondering about facial hair possibilities, there's an app for that. And now I present the family portrait...
  Lala sporting the "Van Dyke"
Mr. Lala sporting the "Handlebar"


Max sporting the "Fu Manchu"
Fell sporting the "Van Dyke"
Mirabella sporting the "Handlebar"
Tangerine sporting the "Soul Patch"



Noodle fun

The boys are really into squid and octopus. Any creature laden with tentacles and slime is right up their alley. I came across this from the fabulous Designing Moms that is such a fun idea.

Step 1. Cut hot dogs into 3 inch bits. You can substitute with veggie dogs or turkey dogs.
Step 2. Poke 4 raw spaghetti noodles through each hot dog bit.
Step 3. Boil until noodles are cooked.
Voila! Octo- dogs! I think hubby was more excited than the boys. Who knew a noodle on a dog would bring such joy!



Art Websites for Kids


Accumulating snow outside my Virginia home inspired me to visit pictures of our time living in Costa Rica.
When my oldest son, Fellissimo, turned 6 he asked to have an “Art Party”. His favorite artist at the time was Van Gogh and his favorite painting, A Starry Night.
We allowed the kids to get “into” the painting. Obviously, the highlight of the party.
We really missed visiting the Smithsonian Museams on the weekends so I complied a list of websites that allowed the boys to explore their beloved creativity. These have been approved by the boys and are really cool. Please let us know any kid friendly art sites you think are a great and I'll add them to the list!



Spring 2010 Noonies



Sweet baby Sophie was brilliant during our photo shoot for the upcoming Spring 2010 noonies. Thank you Ingrid Kaslik for taking such wonderful pictures!



What to do for 2010

A new years resolution for myself...
Dear self,
Please can we just exercise. Can we just get our tush in the car and sign up at the gym. Take a yoga class. Take a walk. Get out of the house.
Looking forward to your reply,

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