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Magical Rainbows


Continuing on the rainbow kick
I love this idea.
Just squirt blobs of acrylic paint at the base of the windshield 
and voila 
a magical rainbow.
How cool would you be if you could make a rainbow 
appear out of thin air!
p.s. -It's a fun joke- please don't drive with a magical rainbow on your windsheild.



The Khan Academy


One of the things I regret when I went to NYU was
withdrawing out of physics class.
I went there to study film and somehow 
ended up in a physics class with 200 others trying to decipher 
what the lines and arrows were supposed to be
on the board.
I simply could not understand the professor.
 I wanted to so badly because
he was so consumed with love 
for physics that how could I not want to know 
why he was so excited. 
I had never withdrawn out of a class before and that was 
the last.
But it still nags at me. 
Somewhere in the deep dark recesses 
of my brain I must know what that world
he was in was all about.
I've been sneaking some physics classes in over at
If you haven't made your way over to that site
you should.
 Because maybe there is a class you 
never took 
and we can be study pals together.



Manger-in-a- tree


For lack of table top space
we decided to place our nativity scene 
in the Christmas tree.
To a 9 and 10-year-old
this seemed like a great idea.
Surprisingly to a 30 something year old,
this seemed equally as exciting.
Some things to note...
-yes, we put baby Jesus in before the big day
because that's how we roll
-yes, that is the "elf on the shelf" on the roof
 because he didn't want to be left out
and finally,
 if attempting this as well, put the lights 
on BEFORE you set it up.
Because we like our holiday decorating
as difficult as possible.



Reality Check


My sentiments exactly...





Tighty Whities


A word to the wise.
Do not buy the same color/brand underwear for your boys
 that your husband wears.
Mr. will not think to check the size label
 and will be convinced that you shrunk the laundry.
Strangely, he will wear the mini undies until you ask him
 why he is walking funny. 


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