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Such a clever gal she is, Brittan Goetz owner/designer of OHHSIT! reupholsters furniture with custom photographs of your family and friends. Imagine the photoshoots you could do with this!

Such a beautiful way to remember those we love.


The Sewing Summit 2013


I'm so excited to be heading west to teach at the Modern Sewing Summit in Utah this September! If you've not tried your hand at sewing this is the conference to attend! Choosing from an abundant amount of classes to take is quite difficult but you'll be surrounded by crafty enthusiasts in a supportive and FUN environment. Did I mention fun?

Join my class and you'll learn how to make a snassy, fully lined, fold over clutch. 

 I can't wait to meet everyone and if you can't make it this year, be sure to bookmark it for next!  


Paper flowers


Last night I spent the loveliest of time learning all about how to make crepe flowers with Brittany Watson of the blog The House that Lars Built. I've been following her gorgeous blooms on etsy and most recently her Kentucky Derby flower hat win on the Today Show! I had never worked with crepe paper and now I'm hooked! It's quiet easy to mold and you can make all sorts of lovely crafts with it. But really, I was blown away by the giant paper flowers she and her mother made for her wedding whoa. She is truly an inspirational gal!

"My mom’s favorite quote was “a creative mess is better than tidy idleness” and so my childhood was spent creating art work, music, and yes, lots of messes." -LOVE!


What a sweet little spring craft to make with lovely friends or make a giant bouquet of these and give to mom for Mother's day! Check out more of Brittany's DIY's on her blog. And if you are looking for a how-to book, Paper to Petal looks amazing.


Sketch Ink... Becky Kemp

Meet the super talented Becky Kemp and dive into her colorful world of sweet curiosities. Inspired by playful geometric design and Japanese Illustration, Becky has been sketching, sculpting and painting since childhood. 

The Nesting Dolls were originally inspired by a graffiti incident with my Grandmother's Russian Dolls  when I was a child. 

She works from her home Studio in the South east of England and says her designs originated from her collection of sketchbooks spanning two decades. 

Check out her equally sweet prints as well! Click on the images for instant gratification...


What to take to Costa Rica


As the weather gets warmer I slowly start to shed my layers- er clothing wise. After speaking to my brother in Costa Rica (he manages our project) I can't wait to head down there to soak in the sun and hang in the jungle! What to pack when you are visiting such a diverse country really varies according to where you will be visiting.

If you are heading up north, you'll be in for the heat, so pack lightweight items and bring plenty of sun lotion and hats. Hanging with the surfers in Tamarindo? Throw in some maxi dresses and flip flops and you'll fit right in. 

Volcano watching? It gets chilly and foggy up at the top. Not only is the fauna crazy looking but the view into the volcano is amazing! You'll want to bring a light jacket or rain poncho and umbrellas and wear jeans and good hiking shoes. Also, the earlier you arrive the better chances are to see anything. If you are going to Arenal, the nightly volcanic eruption show is fantastic as well as the hot springs (amazing!). 

Jungle action requires a bit of bug repellant, hat, water, shorts and if you are visiting our jungle Rainmaker bring a swim suit because a dip in the waterfalls is a MUST! You'll get rained on but that is part of the adventure. 

Going further south... the Nicoya area is a wonderfully laid back zone. More surfing vibe and beach wear. In Montezuma eat at Playa de los Artistas because sunset in this bohemian restaurant is otherworldly (if you can find it). Stay at Flor Blaca because the spa will change your life and you'll feel like a rock star. (celebrity spotting zone) 

All the way south is the Osa Peninsula where I feel is the heart of what Costa Rica is all about. We stay at Poorman's Paradise a family run, verrry rustic place. Just getting there is an adventure but once you do you'll see flocks of macaws, families of howler monkeys, toucans, and if you are lucky- jaguars. They'll take you to an uninhabited island off the coast were you can do some snorkeling or animal watch. This is the last place on earth that you can get away from it all and be surrounded by lush jungle and beach. A perfect combination to enjoy with your best of friends! 

Drink - Toasted coconut vanilla limeade via The Kitchy Kitchen

Wear- Hat  Dress cover up

Carry- Mar y Sol tote

Walk- Multi strap thong sandals

Stay- Flor Blanca resort and spa Cost Rica




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